At Circular in Motion®, we have created a revolutionary e-commerce platform where our professional expertise and our environmental values are combined in one system.

Cumulatively our team’s vision and development comes from more than 125 years of Plastics & Chemicals industry experience. This, together with over 75 years expertise in Digital, IT and e-commerce sectors has resulted in Circular in Motion® making circularity a reality.

Our team takes guidance directly from the initiatives of the European Union and various leading global organisations working for a more sustainable economy. The transition to a healthier planet will be done by ensuring certified circular materials can be bought and sold digitally.  We set out to create an ecosystem enabling demand and supply of certified materials to be transparently transacted in one place.

When we started this journey in early 2020, our target was to create a 100% secure and independent platform which welcomes everyone worldwide.

If you are currently operating in an industry different than Plastics and would like to start transitioning toward a sustainable circular economy through digitalization, contact us. Let’s explore the possibilities to implement it.

If you have any questions which the Q&A section does not address, please contact us.

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Cirinmo® provides businesses with a fast, reliable tool to accelerate sustainable and circular business execution. By improving collaboration and interaction along the value chain, we embrace achieving the transition to a circular economy.

Core Values


We act with and promote transparency for a new trusted way of doing business. Our platform is designed to provide transparency to the value chains.

Ethical & Fair

We do business in an ethical and fair manner. We foster ethical business by focusing on sustainable and circular economy practices that are auditable from start to finish.


We embrace an accessible ecosystem designed with open principles both at the business and technology level. Our solution is globally accessible, and by anyone who wants to execute circularity and transition toward a sustainable economy. The system is accessible from any internet connected device.

Inclusion & Collaboration

We foster inclusiveness and collaboration throughout value chains and stakeholders. We are open to include any stakeholder and party in our platform willing to do business in a sustainable, circular manner.

Innovative Visionary

We have a drive to continually improve and innovate to offer the best solutions. Keeping abreast and applying the latest technology advancements, with an agile approach for quick implementation. We are always looking to the future.

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