Open unrestricted platform fostering collaboration and long-lasting commercial relationships


Digital Certificates


The platform enables companies to connect, generate business, and create value chains around sustainability and circular economy. We promote interconnectivity of companies, materials, and industries to operate in an unrestricted digital environment.

We offer an ecosystem that facilitates and certifies commercial transactions in a secure digital environment. Through transparency, the platform promotes proof of origin and traceability of the sustainable and circular materials to enable the shift toward a circular economy. We make circularity a reality.

Better Business

Enabling the creation of more valuable, sustainable, and circular business.

Catalysing Cooperation

Fostering collaboration and trusted commercial relationships through certified business execution.

Harnessing Technology

Digitalising sustainable circular business through blockchain.

Liveable Planet

Enabling the sustainable transformation of the economy and societies.

Shared Prosperity

Offering an inclusive and accessible platform to any stakeholder, industry, material, or region of the world to interact toward effective circular economy.

& Local Authorities
  • Transparent tendering process.
  • Promotes compliance.
  • Diverts waste from landfill.
  • Positive impact for the region.
  • Reduces waste related costs through transparency.
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes
  • Improves reporting transparency.
  • Increases recovery rates and reducing total EPR costs.
  • Enables higher recycling rates and certified recycled content usage.
  • Helps define smart contracts.

Collection, Sorting
& Waste management

  • Maximises waste streams value creation and commercialisation.
  • Promotes standardisation of qualities.
  • Triggers operational efficiencies.
  • Better understanding of real market needs.

& Recyclers

  • Certified improved sourcing capability.
  • Reclaimed material standardisation.
  • Better marketability.
  • Bridges the gap between offered and demanded qualities.

& Producers

  • Certified improved sourcing.
  • Creates added value end-markets.
  • Builds trusted collaboration.
  • Certification to stakeholders down the value chain.
  • Maximises offering value.

Brand Owners
& Retailers

  • Increases circularity and sustainability of operations.
  • Certifies proof of origin and chain of custody data for higher recycled contents.
  • Drives change by requesting supply needs.
  • Helps improve waste streams qualities and availabilities.