Creating a more sustainable and circular business model

The global economy moving toward a more sustainable and circular business model is certainly a good thing. The latest crisis associated with SARS-CoV-2 has continued to stress the need to shift to a more sustainable economy, whilst advancing digitalisation. In part, this transition is due to the fact we are more connected than ever as we face increased levels of isolation caused by the crisis.

However, this model is far from perfect, as underlying structural issues persist and well-identified areas need systemic and cohesive action from all actors in the value chain to make this shift hold and transform circularity into a reality.

Digitalisation and accessibility play a key role in bringing about new solutions that enable an improved circularity. We face marketability and standardisation issues, as well as lack of traceability and proof of origin of the secondary raw materials. We have a myriad of isolated solutions and technologies that do not seem to help us make a change to facilitate true circularity.

Digitalisation and technology with unlimited accessibility and openness

The sustainable transition can be facilitated through digitalisation, new or emerging technologies and modern-day system operations. Nonetheless “digitalisation” can be seen as a complex, costly and limited in accessibility for the majority of businesses operating today.

That is certainly true for some value chain operators, particularly in regions of the world where financial and technological means are scarce. Just think about the waste pickers and informal sector, or the numerous brave yet challenged SMEs operating all over the globe with plastic waste, recycled or renewable materials.

Digitalisation, IT complexity and cost, in conjunction with disruptive technologies such as blockchain, need to be simplified and made open and accessible to all, without requiring additional implementation and setup. Total connectivity with your existing systems should be in place, allowing for easy integration and digital communication as needed.

That’s exactly what Circular in Motion® does. To easily enable true circularity, we are allowing users to join from anywhere, anytime, for free. Circular in Motion is an open, accessible online platform with a free subscription and access option. Our Plug & Play system does not require IT assistance or complex and costly setup. Simply join and start doing sustainable circular-certified business.

Increase marketability, traceability, and standardisation of materials

One of the hurdles the whole plastics and chemicals value chain faces, from municipalities, waste management, recyclers and processors to brand owners and retailers, lies in the limited marketability for renewable and recycled secondary raw materials.

That is due to several factors, such as a non-standardisation of qualities and materials of e.g. waste bales or recyclates; a mismatch between what is offered and what is required by the end-user; and a lack of visibility of demand aggregation, which can support much-needed investment initiatives to increase collection, sorting and recycling and improve today’s insufficient infrastructure.

The industry demands a system that allows users to gauge supply and demand to address mismatches; to increase marketability of renewable and recycled content materials – either by improving sales or sourcing opportunities; to ensure secondary materials are valued and reincorporated into the economy, and not wasted; and provide a simple system with preselected material templates to allow standardisation and a shared language between buyers and sellers of the value chain.

The end product is a system that, through blockchain, provides a transparent and trustworthy environment where proof of origin and traceability exist, and where digital certificates are provided for the materials made part of the circular economy. This is what Circular in Motion® is all about.

One-stop solution with an integrative approach

In the same way an open and accessible solution helps to break an inefficient silo IT approach, the ability to opt for having an integrated platform that provides a full comprehensive solution can make a real difference in enabling true circularity, at scale.

Usually, one can find various independent solution providers working on individual issues of the circular economy such as value chain traceability, certification, or simply connecting buyers and sellers. However, this may not be the best solution to the complex and interlocked ecosystem of the chemicals and plastics sustainable and circular business.

It is for that reason that Circular in Motion® is, on purpose, a one-stop solution. Circular in Motion is a platform where you can create sustainable and circular value chains, end-markets, and enable true business to exist by offering buying and selling functionalities. With integrated secure blockchain technology, transparency, traceability and digital certificates are available to you at no extra cost.

We are happy to be a part of the sustainable economic transition through circular business digitalisation, and we are excited to help you easily make that transition. Join at no cost and make circularity a reality.

Join us today for free!