The circular motion consists of three mathematical quantities: speed, acceleration, and force. Cirinmo® provides businesses with a fast, reliable tool to accelerate sustainable and circular business execution, through improved collaboration and interaction along the value chains, increasing the overall transition toward circular economy.

Our vision is to enable the sustainable transformation of the economy through circular business digitalisation. We make circularity a reality.

Cirinmo® is the digital platform that enables and fosters sustainable and circular solutions globally by promoting certified business commercial connections and transactions throughout the value chains.

Our goal is to become the leader in business-to-business e-commerce solutions to buy and sell sustainable and circular materials and solutions, independent of region, industry and/or material. Linear Economy materials, solutions and services are not accepted on the platform.

Cirinmo® is a business-to-business e-commerce software specially designed for any company that performs commercial transactions of sustainable and circular material/products, regardless of their size, location, or industry. The platform is meant to be used as an open marketplace for companies that want to digitalise their sustainable and circular businesses in a secure, certified, and transparent business environment to maximise the value.


Circular in Motion® is a platform designed to connect sellers and buyers around the world, in an unrestricted manner, for any materials, industries, or stakeholders. The platform is limited to sustainable and circular materials, solutions, and services. Linear economy alternatives are not accepted.

Circular in Motion® is available globally. Any company irrespective of its location can register and start buying and selling sustainable circular materials. Additional functionalities have been developed to encourage connections and interactions at regional level.

Any industry that aims to transition toward a sustainable and circular economy can operate in Circular in Motion®. The platform welcomes any company that does sustainable circular business or transacts with circular materials, and to do so digitally. Any industry vertical is welcome, including plastics, glass, paper, metals, chemicals, textiles, and so forth.

The first phase of Circular in Motion® will dive into the Plastics industry vertical with the aim of expanding into other industry verticals. Circular in Motion® team members have a wealth of Chemical and Plastics knowledge resulting from direct experience in the industry. Cumulatively, the team has more than 125 years under their belt. If you are currently operating in a non-Plastic industry and would like to start transitioning toward a sustainable circular economy through digitalisation, please get in touch with us to explore implementation opportunities.

All stakeholders throughout the value chains are welcome on the platform, to ensure sustainable and circular economy long-lasting practices are developed.

Pricing & Fees

Cirinmo® can be used for free. Anyone can register and start sustainable businesses at no cost. However, as your business grows, you can select the best subscription plan that works for you. The subscription plans pay per transaction and provide a fair and proportional price mechanism known upfront, adjusted to each business’ needs and capabilities.

Plans start at just 10 Euros/month and 1 percent variable service fee. We offer a monthly fixed subscription fee and a “pay-per-transaction” variable service fee, which is only payable upon successful positive revenue transactions. There are no variable service fees unless you sell material using our technology, at a positive sales price. We acknowledge some circular materials today are sold at negative or no value, and that is taken into consideration. There are no hidden charges; only a negligible cost per metric ton/item sold.

The monthly fixed subscription fee is paid by all companies using Cirinmo® that wish to operate beyond the free of charge basic subscription capabilities, whether buying and/or selling. The fixed subscription fee is set to offer a proportional price mechanism depending on the business’ needs and capabilities and the platform usage. The fee represents a minor cost per metric ton/item sold/bought.

The variable fee is paid by the seller. Buyers are not charged a variable service fee. The fee is applied to the sales price, excluding freights. The fee is charged upon transaction confirmation between the parties involved (buyer and seller). Circular in Motion® will send the seller an invoice for the variable service fee.

Yes. Circular in Motion® can minimise certain costs in your sales chain such as warehousing, sales personnel, office administration, fixed overhead, financing, and many more.

Yes. Our technology can provide greater cost savings and better sales margins for circular materials. The benefits of cost savings and better sales margins are based on various offering mechanisms available enabling price maximisation. In parallel Cirinmo® provides the foundation for improved value of circular materials through the certified blockchain, enabling further premiums for sustainable circular products and solutions.

No. Circular in Motion® is a business-to-business e-commerce software that allows direct access between sellers and buyers. It is an offer to order confirmation system. All invoices and payments are handled by the seller/supplier after order confirmation on the platform.

Conditions such as logistics and associated costs are to be negotiated between the Seller and Buyer, which will in turn be detailed in the commercial agreement.

Benefits in use

Yes, Cirinmo® is designed to be an open marketplace accessible to anyone. The system is open source, which means the platform can be integrated with other systems. However, Cirinmo® is also being designed to provide customers with privacy, should they wish to have an individual separate environment. The technology enables the customers to create a closed and private value chain for their own select customers and suppliers. It is important to acknowledge that the use of a closed and private value chain limits sales potential and customer reach.

Yes, Circular in Motion® offers both standard and mobile website access. It automatically detects if you are accessing the platform via a desktop or mobile device and adjusts the interface to fit the device.

Connectivity, as Cirinmo® enables companies to conduct business transactions and create sustainable circular value chains. Transparency, with certification through blockchain technology including proof of origin and traceability. Trust, enabling circularity and sustainable practices, bridging supply and demand, and generating long-lasting commercial relationships to ensure long-term demand aggregation while creating added value. We make circularity a reality.

Certificates are provided and uploaded by the seller which can be certificates at company, product, or process level. These certificates will be added to the blockchain and are transferred throughout the value chain with transparency and immutability. The certificates can be audited and validated by customers and third parties at any time. The system offers a trustworthy business environment where commercial transactions can be completed with full transparency. Accountability exists, fostering trustworthiness.

Systems & Integration

No, Circular in Motion® is hosted on our secure external servers. It operates in a cloud environment. However, it is possible though to connect your backend system to Circular in Motion® by using the provided API’s to connect to the platform. Webhooks are available to warn the backend systems of changes. Our servers use encryption protocols to ensure maximum protection against unauthorised data breaches.

Cirinmo® is GDPR compliant and uses the most secured certificates (Secure Site EV Multi-Domain SSL) which protects against online fraud and phishing scams. API’s can only be activated by using private keys. The communication itself is encrypted as well as the data. Privacy and confidentiality are critical to us, and so [email protected] customers and users are therefore secure, as well.

Our platform can be easily integrated by using the API’s provided. Webhooks ensure that the backend systems are warned whenever something changes. Due to this, Circular in Motion® can bring external blockchains into the platform and exporting capabilities are included as well, ensuring data integrity and transparency.

Yes. Circular in Motion® is designed to be compatible with existing CRM systems. In fact, our platform works best when it is synced with your back-end systems, making the process of offering and confirming sales faster and easier. Please contact Circular in Motion® to learn more about integration possibilities with your CRM system.

Yes. Circular in Motion® was designed and built to integrate with leading ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and others. We do not provide actual integration services but have a strategic partnership with ERP integration specialists to assist with integration issues. Costs for integration services are separate from those of Circular in Motion®. Please contact us to learn more about ERP integration possibilities.

It is difficult to assess your ERP integration needs without knowing your company’s system requirements. Please contact Circular in Motion® to discuss your ERP integration questions and associated costs.

Usability & Support

Yes. Our software allows for quick access to your bid and order history. Users can easily identify if they have the leading bid in an auction or if their winning bid has been confirmed. Users can also be notified of new offers and the status of bids via SMS messages on their mobile phone.

Yes. Communication is easy, safe and GDPR compliant. You will opt into what information you need to receive and how. This can take place within Cirinmo® as well as outside the platform via WhatsApp and WeChat with encrypted communication not readable by third parties. Every company/user has an encryption key, so they will be the only ones to read the communication/message. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed.

Yes. You can set regional preferences such as time zone, currency, and units of measurement. The platform has built-in features to facilitate sales in different regions globally.

Yes. Circular in Motion® representatives are available to answer technical questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can present your questions via a customer support email address, instant messaging or calling. Additionally, questions related to product usability are also covered in the online help capability, which is accessible anytime, anywhere, and directly from Cirinmo®.

Yes. Circular in Motion® allows users to set language preferences for the platform interface via the settings tab. This will change the interface and emails generated from the platform to the preferred language. Live e-mail and technical support are only offered in English.

It is difficult to assess your ERP integration needs without knowing your company’s system requirements. Please contact Circular in Motion® to discuss your ERP integration questions and associated costs.

No. Technical and customer support is included in our pricing. Customers can contact Circular in Motion® 24/7 free of charge.

The terms and conditions of the sale are negotiated, agreed upon and implemented by the buyer and the seller; Cirinmo® is not a party in the actual transaction agreement. For all the matters pertaining to the use of Cirinmo®, the General Terms & Conditions (T&C) of Circular in Motion® apply.

No. The final contract and the commercial conditions are set between the buyer and seller, with these two parties agreeing on the payment conditions, including credit lines, if any. Cirinmo® is not involved in the payment process between the buyer and seller.

Can I ask you another question?

Yes! Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.